Sunday Morning Church School and Youth Programs

Information about the various Church School classes offered on Sunday mornings, in addition to various other programs for our children and youth can be found in the following publication:

A Guide to Christian Education and Youth Ministries at BCCUCC  2018-2019

All children and youth from infants through Grade 12 who participate in any church activities (including the nursery, church school classes, youth group, confirmation, OWL etc) need an up to date Church School Registration form on file.  Download one at the link below.  Registration will take place on Sundays, September 9th and 16th both before worship (from 9:30 am) and after worship at coffee hour.  The registration table will be in the foyer of Fellowship Hall.

Church School Registration Form 2018-2019

Volunteers who work with our children and youth are required to complete a Volunteer Application Form, which can be downloaded at the link below

Volunteer Application Form  2018-2019

Birth thru Preschool:


Loving nursery care is provided for babies, toddlers and preschool-aged children.

Pre-K thru Grade 1:

Godly Play teaches children the art of using Christian language – parable, sacred story, silence & liturgical action – helping them become more fully aware of the mystery of God’s presence in their lives.

Godly Play…

…is a creative and imaginative approach to Christian nurture.

…is based on long established, tried and tested approaches.

…encourages participants to make meaning for themselves by inviting them into stories and providing the opportunity for them to connect the stories with their personal experience.

…is a non-coercive way to encourage people to move into larger dimensions of belief and faith through wondering questions and open-ended response time.

…values process, openness and discovery.

…respects the innate spirituality of children and encourages    curiosity and imagination in experiencing the mystery and joy of God.

Visit to learn more.

It takes 10 adults to facilitate our church school programs each week.  Might you be called to share your talents in this way?  Contact Andrea Bullard to learn about upcoming training opportunities.

Grades 2, 3 and 4:

Deep Blue Rotation Stations

Grades 5 and 6:


A Bible-centered curriculum, Connect, takes 5th and 6th graders on a journey through the Old Testament and into the New Testament exploring the connections between several stories each week. Every lesson follows a three-part sequence: see, explore, and more. the children focus on and reinforce a theme by exploring biblical text, watching a brief & witty video, and creating projects that range from games to art and more.

Grades 7 and 8:

Seekers and Peacemakers

This Sunday morning program for Grades 7-8 focuses on faith exploration, spirited discussion, and service to others.

Each year, the Seekers group rotates between service activities, Nooma series discussion (, and an exploration of world religions. This year the group will explore spiritual practices from across the country and the globe. With an ecumenical and interfaith focus, while also exploring core elements of the U. C. C., this program will explore and celebrate several religious traditions in a way that is intended to grow curious, respectful, and inclusive seekers and believers. We will learn about the beliefs, rituals, prayers, worship and people of various traditions worldwide.

Grade 9:

Confirmation Class

Confirmation marks the beginning of a journey toward adulthood in which an individual takes responsibility for shaping his or her own values and faith. 

Through this program, these youth discover how to express their Christian values in daily life, affirming the vows of Baptism.  This program for 9th graders will explore these themes together and their roles in our lives of faith: God, Jesus, the Bible, the Holy Spirit, Church History, the U.C.C.

We’ll also be bringing an increased awareness of what it means to live in a world with multiple expressions of faith.  This diversity will be celebrated while we question, explore, relate, connect, listen, and share together as people of faith.

Brendan Curran, our Associate Minister, will facilitate the Confirmation program again this year, with support from parents, church members, and Rev. Dale Azevedo.

Grades 10-12:

Worship and Assistance with Church School

Youth who have completed confirmation are encouraged to participate in Sunday worship with adults or to assist in the nursery, classrooms, and with Church School events.

Youth Experiences

Sing and Celebrate Choir:

Grades 1 thru 5

Though designed for children in grades 1 to 5, our youth choir welcomes older children who enjoy singing!  These youth enjoy learning how to participate in a choir and actively participate in our Sunday worship services.  Rehearsals take place immediately following worship service.

For more information please contact either Kate Colby at
and/or the Choir Director, Marina Zabinski at

Mission Trip | Grades 9 – 12

This group meets during the school year and takes their trips during April break or at the end of June to such places as Tucson, AZ, Biloxi, Mississippi, West Virginia, NYC, and Philadelphia.  Recently, we went to Pinon, Arizona, to work with Food Sovereignty Project!

In Jesus’s parable of the sower, it is written,
“Some fell into good soil, and when it grew, it produced a hundredfold.” –Luke 8:8

The BCCUCC 2018 delegation to Dine’ Bikeyah, (The Navajo Nation)!

Through our churches support for the prayerful camp of water protectors at Standing Rock in 2016, a connection was made with the Navajo Nation.  For the 2017-2018 mission/service project, a delegation from our church traveled to Pinon, Arizona, the heart of Dine’ Bikeyah, (The Navajo Nation) to support the Nation’s “Food Sovereignty Project,” an initiative of the Black Mesa Water Coalition.  BMWC was formed in 2001 by a group of young inter-tribal, inter-ethnic people dedicated to addressing issues of water depletion, natural resource exploitation, and public health within Navajo and Hopi communities. This Food Sovereignty Project is a part of the Coalition’s Restorative Economy Program to support, strengthen, and revitalize the local food systems through traditional and sustainable techniques of dry land farming developed through the traditional clanship structure of the Dine’.

Leading up to the trip, the group from our church spent the year learning how Christian discipleship requires supporting individuals and communities being marginalized by the oppressive social systems of white supremacy and colonization.  Meeting with local Native American leaders and African American culture workers, our mission trip group spent the year exploring what it means to show up in solidarity with Native American communities and how to be good, strong allies.

In Pinon, they were hosted by families who are maintaining traditional and sustainable agricultural practices for the Navajo Nation against harrowing odds.  They spent their time learning about Dine’ history and culture,  the relationship the people have to their land, plants, and food, and Indigenous Earth ethics that call humanity to care for the Earth in a way that preserves it for future generations.  Our group met with elders who the Dine’ refer to as, ‘The clan mothers,’ and were taken to visit various sacred sites. They also assisted in the planting of trees and other plants and helped dig irrigation ditches.  Our group’s efforts will help the Dine’ grow corn and other traditional foods in drought conditions currently being exacerbated by climate change.  Forming relationships of friendship and solidarity with our Dine’ neighbors and with the Earth is how we allowed our hearts to be good soil for God’s word which is justice and peace.

May the harvest grow and produce a hundredfold.

Every year the high school youth of our church are invited to put faith into action by going on a mission trip.  Mission trips provide participants with hands on service-learning opportunities through which we live into our church’s mission of, “embracing all people, working for justice and peace, and rendering loving service to God’s world.”

This year, a group of youth with adult chaperones went to h.o.m.e. in Orland, Maine.  For more information about the 2017 Mission Trip including photos, please click here

Our Whole Lives (OWL) | Grades 7 – 12

This is a series of comprehensive sexuality education resources written by human sexuality educators for use in a variety of congregational, school, and community settings.  Core values of OWL include self-worth, sexual health, responsibility, justice and inclusivity.

There are two programs we offer.  One is geared towards grades 7 and 8 youth; the other for grades 10-12.  We alternate each year between the two programs.  In 2016-2017 the OWL program was for grades 7-8.  In 2017-2018 we will offer the OWL program for grades 10-12.

For more information about the OWL Program, please click here.

JYG – Junior Youth Group | Grades 6 – 8

JYG meets once or twice a month, usually on weekend afternoons.  Time together includes social activities, service projects, and faith development activities.  See the monthly Bridge newsletter and read the weekly Ennouncements, and Sunday bulletin Announcements sheet for information about upcoming JYG activities.

Contact the JYG leaders, Kathy Sullivan, Renee Lemos, Hollie Ogden, or Rev. Brendan Curran at for more information or to be added to their e-mail list.  All youth in grades 6-8 are welcome!



We had an unexpected mummified guest at our Halloween pumpkin carving!



Save the Bay JYG

On April 21st, 2016 our Junior Youth Group cleaned up the shoreline with “Save the Bay.”

SYG – Senior Youth Group | Grades 9 – 12

The Senior Youth Group (SYG) provides a space for the high school youth to come together and guide and direct social & service activities.  2015-2016 events included monthly breakfast meetings and several trips to different area soup kitchens.  The youth group also met monthly in the early Spring to work on an art project/fundraiser that raised money to help the Woodside Church in Flint, MI respond to the water crises there.  There is also an annual mission trip/service project that all senior high youth are encouraged to participate in.  Youth activities at the church are directed by our Associate Minister, Rev. Brendan Curran.  Youth are invited to participate whether you’re a member or a friend!

For more information about the group or current activities, contact Rev. Brendan Curran at

Below are pictures from some of our youth events!