Adult Faith StudyThe Jesus Diaries: Who Jesus Is to Me.

When is the last time you talked about Jesus and what you really believe about him?

Do you even who Jesus is for you? Most of us don’t!

In this study we will read nine “diaries” from writers of the Stillspeaking Writers Group who will share with us some of the intimacies of their understandings of Jesus in an accessible way. We will discuss these different personal relationships with Jesus and what they may mean to us. We will also spend some time discovering and discussing our own understandings of this man-God.

The study meets for four (4) weeks from Oct. 16-Nov. 6 on Tuesday evenings from 7:00-8:15pm.

Come and join Dale in the BCCUCC Library for this interesting discussion.

Register for this class by emailing or calling the church office by Oct. 11th.