For April vacation (2017) we sent a service team of 9 youth and 4 adult chaperones, led by Rev. Brendan Curran, to H.O.M.E. in Orland, Maine. They worked on a number of projects.

Day 1 – The group traveled from BCCUCC to Orland. A long day of travel eased by seeing old friends (Rev. Jeff and Kathleen Larsen) on the way. (see the picture above for the parking lot reunion.) The group then settled in and gathered for a game. A video is available for download. (Technical difficulties are preventing us from embedding it here. Sorry!)

Day 2 – Today the group repaired a fence, dug a trench for the building of a new handicapped ramp, worked on building a sign for the day care center onsite, and filled a bunch of pot holes. Not bad for a day’s work!

IMG_0124     IMG_0125

IMG_0126     IMG_0127

Brendan - Sign IMG_0128 IMG_0129

IMG_0130     photo0

Day 3 – After a morning of wood chopping and trench digging we bought dry wall for home’s house project!!! Work starts on the house this afternoon. Everyone sang around the fire last night. Spirits are up and everyone’s working cheerfully!

IMG_0132     IMG_0135

IMG_0134     IMG_0137

IMG_0138 IMG_0139 IMG_0140

IMG_0145     IMG_0148

IMG_0149     IMG_0150

IMG_0151     IMG_0152

Day 4 – Today we decided to hike in Arcadia due to weather.  Rain is expected for the rest of the week.  As you can see it wasn’t sunny,  but a great day was had by all.  It started with coffee in Bar Harbor and ended with ice cream after dinner in Bar Harbor.

IMG_0310     IMG_0311

IMG_0312     IMG_0313

IMG_0314     photo0 1

Day 5 – Forty sheets of drywall hung!! Not bad for a bunch of beginners!

IMG_0154     IMG_0158

IMG_0159     IMG_0160

IMG_0161     IMG_0163

IMG_0165 IMG_0167 IMG_0169

IMG_0162     IMG_0170

…And, our last meal in Maine.

IMG_0172     IMG_0171

About H.O.M.E.

H.O.M.E. (Homeworkers Organized for More Employment) is a nonprofit organization founded in 1970 dedicated to keeping and enhancing the quality of life for low-income and homeless families. Through services, stewardship of resources, and shared responsibility, we aim to bring forth new possibilities for food, jobs, shelter, low-income housing, education, and self-sufficiency. In addition to building skills used in the job setting, H.O.M.E. also enjoys the responsibility of educating people on issues vital to sustaining an equitable society.

H.O.M.E. is also proud to be part of the Emmaus movement. Emmaus is an international solidarity movement dedicated to tackling the causes of exclusion since 1971. We joined Emmaus in 1985 and are one of over 350 groups in 36 countries around the world. You can visit the Emmaus International homepage if you want to know more or you can find out more about other groups around the world at Planet Emmaus.

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