Detroit Metro Area 2014 Floods CWS Buckets

The greater Houston area needs our help! During coffee hour on Homecoming Sunday (Sept. 10th), we will assemble disaster clean-up buckets, bless them, and send them off to Church World Service. There has been a special call for these buckets as they are essential to the clean-up effort.

There are two ways you can support in this effort.

Each bucket costs $75.00 (the cost of supplies that go in the bucket).  Any individual, family, or group is welcome to commit to one bucket ($75.00) and send a check to the church office by Sept. 6th. (if you are unable to support an entire bucket, any contribution will be helpful!) With this money, we will purchase the materials and have them ready to assemble in church on Sept. 10th.

Another option for an individual, family, or group could be to assemble their own clean-up kit with reference to the link below and bring the clean-up bucket to worship on Sept. 10th!  Here is a link to all that goes in the bucket:

We as a church are hoping to assemble as many clean-up buckets as possible.

Thank you for helping us be the hands and feet of Christ as we reach out to our relatives in Texas suffering in the aftermath of this natural disaster.  Looking forward to a joyful and meaningful Homecoming Sunday!