On September 24th, BCCUCC is eating breakfast at Mathewson Street Church in Providence. You may not know it, but Mathewson Street feeds between 250 and 300 people every Sunday. They do this for those who are homeless or food insecure at no charge! All they ask from us is that we show up, eat a wonderful breakfast of eggs, sausage, fruit, pancakes, waffles, and soup with their attendees. Then, when we are through, to pay for our meal with a donation as if we ate at a restaurant. The excess from our “donations” helps pay for the meals of the other attendees. Not only that, there is worship and wonderful live music at the breakfast. And, don’t worry, we’ll leave in time to return to BCCUCC for our regular worship service. Dale is going, won’t you sign up in Fellowship Hall to come too!!