Are you missing your church friends and pastors? We’re doing all that we can to stay connected these days and today is no exception!

We are pleased to announce BCCUCC Happy Hour / Coffee Hour with Dale!

Thursdays from 5-6PM pm on Zoom!

This virtual gathering will be held every Thursday from 5:00-6:00pm via Zoom Meeting which some of our church committees have already been using. The link to the meeting is included in your weekly church email. (We aren’t posting it here as there are rumors of Zoombombers crashing public Zoom meetings to cause disruption.) If you didn’t get the email you can call/text/email Dale and he’ll send you link.

So grab your favorite beverage (beer, coffee, water, wine, seltzer, you name it), sit down with your computer and hang out with your church friends for a hour. We miss you!

New to Zoom?

Zoom, it is pretty easy to set up and use. If you are using a tablet or smartphone (iPad or Android) there are apps to use. You should be able to find the app “Zoom” in your App Store. If you are using your computer (ideally with a camera, like most laptops have) when you click on the link from your weekly church email, it will take you to a website and ask to install Zoom on your computer. Say “yes”. It is a very small and pretty quick download and install. Once installed, whenever you click on a zoom link (I think on any device), it will automatically launch zoom and log you into the meeting. If it doesn’t log you into the meeting automatically, you can manually type in the meeting ID (which is also found in the email) into the Zoom app (on computer, smartphone, or tablet) and it will take you to the meeting.