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The Renewal Team

On Saturday, June 2, 2018, the Renewal Team met with all seven Strategic Teams to hear the reports of their Phase 1 work. It was a wonderful and inspiring morning with great feedback from all of our teams. One week later, at our Annual Meeting, Heather Williamson gave a greatly condensed rundown of all that our teams accomplished. We recognize that neither Heather’s report nor this web page can convey all the information we gathered, but we are excited to share what we can with you.

Our plan is to work through the summer to review and process all this information. In the early fall we hope to have a condensed list of ministry projects and ideas with which to share with the congregation to garner feedback, before making final recommendations to the Church Council, and the congregation where applicable.

If you have any questions on the information shared here, feel free to talk with members of the Strategic Teams (most list their membership in their report) or with the Renewal Team. We love to talk about what we are doing!


The Renewal Team’s report to the Annual Meeting (This link was updated on 6/26/18 to include the spoken text from the report. The spoken text is typed on alternate slides to better understand the context of the report.)

The Congregational Care Team (WARNING! This .pdf file may make your eyes explode! It is a massive spreadsheet that has been shrunk to fit on the page. We are looking into alternative means of displaying it.)

The Communication Team

The Community Connection Team

The Creative Stewardship Team

The Capital Improvement Team

The Mission and Building Use Team

The Growing the Endowment Team