For a general overview of the Renewal Process, .

BCCUCC has cause to celebrate and honor our accomplishments. With thanks to all the members of the Strategic Teams, the Renewal team can report that there are many active and caring people who consider BCCUCC “their church” and show up in so many ways.

The Community Connection Team discovered that many good works are already in progress or about to happen:

Mission and Justice and Youth Fellowship worked with and will continue to work with Save the Farm, Barrington Community Land Trust to ensure Barrington’s last farm continues to be viable and a learning lab for the community.

The next Mission Trip will serve a community in Rhode Island which was one of the ideas presented by the Team.

One of our newer members, Megan Sheehan, is opening up a Kids Clothing Swap in October. Hosting this monthly outreach will

help connect BCCUCC with our community in many different ways. Bring your gently used clean clothing for 2-12 year-olds!

Brendan and Dale continue to hold weekly coffee shop hours in Warren, with lively discussion and fellowship.

Leslie Peck is working with the local schools, and many other community leaders, to establish HIVE, a new program designed to reach out to youth whose community needs are not being met by the many activities already in place in Barrington.

And, as recommended by the Congregational Care Strategic Team, the Deacons and Lay Visitation Team will discuss ways to bring Communion to seniors and shut ins.

Following recommendations from the Creative Stewardship Team our fall campaign is busy working on ways to share testimony and stories, thank donors, and personalize ways we give. They are doing things behind the scenes to revitalize and update the financial health of our church. In conjunction with the Stewardship Team, the Endowment Team is also finding ways to spread the word about endowment opportunities, create a recognition program, create a maintenance plan, and establish designated funds. These two teams are working to ensure that our children and grandchildren will be able to find a community in BCCUCC.

The Building and Grounds Team is creating a maintenance plan so the congregation will understand what we need to do now, in the near future, and 5-10 years out to keep the structures safe and easy to use.

We imagine that there are more great things being done by people who attend this church, as often as they are able. We would love to lift up those contributions to our larger community and support those efforts whenever possible. Thank you for all you do!

Along with all these great ministries already happening in response our Renewal efforts so far, the Renewal Team will soon be working with the Church Council and other ad hoc teams to bring many of your other recommendations to life. Keep your eyes peeled and your hearts open to these future ministry opportunities.

Respectfully Submitted,

  • Heather Williamson
  • Dale Azevedo
  • Larry Ashley
  • Tom Colby
  • Erik Ela
  • Marion Fodor
  • Helen Schall