by Rev. Brendan Curran, Assoc. Minister          –          April 13, 2017

Happy Easter everyone!  We made it through lent!  We have arrived!  The time of the year when, thanks to the Grace of the divine, we are blessed to stop for a moment, notice the crocuses, and remember that resurrection happens and is actually always happening!  Maybe we have a hard time understanding or even believing resurrection because understanding it is like trying to see our own eyes!  Christ’s resurrection is a force in motion, a process we can’t pin down, and a reality in which we live and move and have our being.

Resurrection happens everywhere!  All things in the cosmos are Supernovaliving, dying, and resurrecting!  Think of a Supernova!  “Supernova,” describes the event when a star suddenly increases greatly in brightness before letting out a catastrophic explosion that ejects most of its mass.  The burst of light leaves behind elements that actually seed other solar systems, other stars, and even our bodies!  Resurrection! The blueprint of God creating!  No energy in the universe of God’s creation, no warmth, no light, no beauty, and no love is ever wasted! During the season of Easter, we remember the same is true for our Jesus!  We remember Jesus is God’s Supernova!  Jesus’ love bursts out, multiplies, and expands. Jesus’ wisdom, Christ’s body, cannot be lost.  Christ can only rise from death as the living body, with a multitude of hands, so many feet, and so many faces because Resurrection is the only thing God’s universe is designed to articulate.  Death only makes way for life, and at Easter, Christ reveals Love as the force behind it all.

The wisdom of Good Friday and Easter illustrate for us the way life and deaEckhartth interweave and that ultimately death only makes room for more resurrection. The 13th century mystic Meister Eckhart wrote in the 1200’s, “God’s exit is her entrance.”  Commenting on this insight, theologian Matthew Fox writes, “The depths of the valleys of death do not overcome the power of life which makes things new again! Injustice seems to triumph so often but justice will have the last word provided we live and work for it.”  The knowledge of Easter makes our hearts new again!  It frees us to be resilient in the work of love and justice, and to recommit ourselves to living and striving for it.

I think that too often we get bogged down in trying to understand the nature of the resurrection and making sense of a mystery and an eternal process that we simply cannot wrap our minds around.  The important take-away for us as people of faith is not that we have unshakable faith or that we live free of doubt.  Declaring, “Christ is risen,” empowers us to live our lives in a way that tells that story, and reveals a picture of how Jesus rose.  The take-away for us is that we live in a way that reveals death making way for new creation and Love having the final word in the small and simple ways that we can.  When we remember Easter, we can strive to live in that way.  In the face of sickness, pain, trials, even violence and injustice, we can help each other live with resilient hearts.

There are many ways we are helping each other accomplish this ahomes a community during this season of Easter.  For the week following Easter, 9 youth and 4 adults from the congregation will go to assist the “Homeworkers Organized For More Employment cooperative (H.O.M.E.) in Orland Maine.  They will join the cooperative in their work of sustaining the soup kitchen and repairing houses for the people in need around the community.  Though poverty surrounds us, as resurrection people, we build houses for those who need them knowing we are participating in the building up of the realm of God.

In a world with so many environmental problems and issues related to food security, as resurrection people, our church youth are planting a raised bed garden in back of the church as a way of caring for the earth and promoting the growing and sharing of healthy food.  On Mother’s day weekend, the Barrington Interfaith community will gather toshell honor the origins of Mother’s Day which started by women from around the world coming together after WWI to call for global disarmament.  Different faith communities will gather to collect diapers and baby supplies for single mothers, then go on a “peace walk,” from St. John’s church to the river where there will be a reading of the original “Mother’s Day Proclamation” by Julia Ward Howe, prayers for peace, as well as music and song.  Though the world prepares for more war, we as a faith community are empowered to gather in this way with resilient hearts, filled with the faith that our small voices for peace are stronger than death.

And of course we will continue to gather around Christ’s Table at church, around the elements left behind by God’s Supernova, and help each other in the effort of striving to be the body of Christ in the world and build God’s Beloved Community.  Happy Easter Church!  Keep Keep your hearts resilient!  There’s nothing to fear!  You’re in the supernova!