by Rev. Brendan Curran, Associate Minister          –          December 16, 2019

Can you feel it?  I can.  The whole Earth seems to be rumbling, preparing to cast off all that which degrades, destroys, and oppresses life.  The human heart rumbles and convulses with her against all that is insulting the heart’s longing for grace.  We know we need change.  We know it’s time for change.  We know it’s time for revolution and for the birth of something new and greater. The waiting and the preparation feel uncomfortable at times, even painful, but we can let go of hopelessness because the birth of the messiah of God is coming. Very soon we will see together the revolution of God’s simple light rising out of our world’s complicated darkness.

Rev. Robert Barron said, “I don’t think we’ll understand Advent correctly until we see it as preparation for a revolution.”  Truly, during Advent we are waiting for a holy revolution.  Soon hatred and fear will be uprooted in the human heart and replaced by an overflowing Love that sees God in the face of all beings.    Soon the noise of the violence and bombs we drop on each other will be interrupted by the still night sky where the multitudes of God’s angels proclaim peace on earth.  Soon the news of God’s justice will come first to the poor and they will tell it out loud on the mountains!  Soon the burning of the earth out from under our feet will be stopped by every mountain and valley being exalted. The wise among us will turn their backs on corrupt evil kings and worldly authorities who persecute the people and massacre the innocents.  They will follow a greater light to the side of the migrant child left out in the cold.  Millions across the world will join them in coming to welcome, protect, defend, and love that child.  We will raise our fists with Mary, whose very name means rebellion, and sing of the oppressed upraised, the mighty cast down, the rich sent away, and the hungry filled with good things.  Across the world the people will gather in solidarity with the mother and the child.  We will raise up our lights in defiance to the filth of empire and for the glory of Love.  We will remember again together, how the light of all people has the power to drive out all the ignorance, greed, and hate that can’t comprehend it.  When we shine our lights together, we will see our rotten status quo overturned by compassion, by a revival of humanity, and by the beauty of God’s dream breaking into our world.  This is the vision we see around the manger.  This is the revolution we prepare for during advent.  I don’t know about you, but I’m so ready for the revolution.

In other coming revolutions and big changes, I want to say a word about my transition timeline since many are curious.  I will be here at the church all the way through Jan. 26th.  January 26th will be my farewell Sunday.  I am happy to be able to be here with

you all through Christmas and into the New Year before beginning the journey west in early February.

Warmly, Brendan