by Rev. Brendan Curran, Assoc. Minister         –          March 15, 2018

Dear Church,

This year’s mission trip is going to be a wonderful service-learning experience in Navajo Country. As part of our preparation for the journey we have already had several educational meetings as a group. Jean-Luc Pierite is the story-teller for the Tunica-Biloxi Nation and the director of the North American Indian Center of Greater Boston. He recently visited our group to educate us about Native American culture, values, share traditional stories, and offer “10 tips for showing up in solidarity,” for Native American communities. Our educational meetings are preparing us for our trip in June when we will partner with the Navajo Food Sovereignty project to help re-establish healthy food systems on the reservation while learning about sustainable agricultural practices! One Native American value that Jean-Luc shared with our group was the ethic of reciprocity. When we go to the Navajo nation we will be practicing reciprocity. We will be offering our labor and resources in support of the food sovereignty project and in return we will be given the opportunity to learn from and be enriched by an indigenous culture and develop new skills.
We still have to raise a lot more money for our mission trip to Navajo country! We hope our fundraising will cover the cost of our plane tickets, a rental van for the week, our stay on the reservation including the cost of our food and water, funding our gardening/land restoration project, and our trip to the Grand Canyon at the end of the week. We need your help! There are three upcoming fundraising opportunities that we hope you will support. We also encourage you to recruit your friends and family to support these fundraisers as well. Here are our three upcoming fundraisers!

144 Envelope Fundraiser

In the upcoming weeks you will see a billboard in fellowship hall with 144 envelopes next to a beautiful picture of a “tree of life,” painted by mission trip participant Matthew Zeleznik. Each envelope will have a leaf on it with a dollar amount. We ask that you take the envelope with the amount that you’re able to donate and return the filled envelope to the church office with that amount inside. 144 is a multiple of 12, 12 times 12 to be exact. It symbolizes the growing of disciples and discipleship in Christianity. This fundraiser invites all of us to give what we can. Some of us can afford to offer 144. Others can afford a dollar. Every offering helps. When we each give what we can, our combined offerings multiply and we grow as Disciples. The tree of life and the leaves on the envelopes are in reference to the passage about the tree of life in the New Jerusalem. John writes about his vision of the tree in Revelations, “On each side of the river stood the tree of life, bearing twelve crops of fruit, yielding its fruit every month. And the leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations.” The offerings you make to this mission trip will literally become fruit trees and plants blooming in the desert. Through our efforts, the mission trippers hope to take your offerings and turn them into healing for the Navajo nation and for all of us. Please take the leaf envelope that speaks to you and fill it. The leaves are for the healing of the nations!

Mark Your Calendars

  • April 29th: 5-7pm: (in Fellowship Hall) We will have another community dinner that will serve as a fundraiser for the mission trip.
  • May 20th @ 3pm: (in the sanctuary) Atwater-Donnelly will perform a concert called “Songs to heal the web of life,” as a benefit for our mission trip. Come enjoy an afternoon of folk music performed by a talented local artist and support healing the web of life.

These fundraisers will be great events. We hope that you support the fundraisers, come to these events, and spread the word to others! Your support and our coming together will have a powerful impact, support a good cause, help our youth put their faith in action, and make a positive difference.

Blessings and peace,