by Rev. Dale Azevedo, Sr. Minister          –          Mar 1, 2018.

This month I want to take a moment and celebrate. We have a lot of good stuff going on at BCCUCC and we don’t always take the time to give thanks and recognize the people and groups doing good.

Lenten Programs

I’m thrilled with how well our Lenten programs are going. We had over a dozen people show up for our first session of God in America last week. That’s great. Brendan has had 8 or 9 people participate in Mindful Mondays; christening our new meditation room a success. We only counted on 8 to fill that room, so we had overflow the first week. Also, at least a dozen people came to hear last Sunday’s Mission and Justice talk on homelessness and the outreach of the Mathewson Street Church in Providence. That’s a lot of people showing up to events in one week!

The Renewal Team

The Renewal Team is cranking along. A few weeks ago, they released their Strategic Directions for the spring of 2018 and they are presently recruiting people to serve on seven ad hoc teams that will explore the different foci of that plan. Then on March 17th, the 35-45 people who make up those teams will gather to kick-off their work. It is our hope this work will wrap up by late spring, preparing us for some exciting possibilities next fall.

New Members

I don’t know how many new members we will have (New Members Sunday isn’t until May), but so far this year we have welcomed 13 new families to our worship life. It is possible that not all of these families will choose to join our church at this time, but to have 13 new families attending is incredible! Keep going out of your way to welcome visitors, make friends, and share all the great stuff that we are doing at BCCUCC.

What else?

What else do we have to celebrate? What are you involved in, or inspired by, that we should be lifting up? If something comes to mind, make sure to raise your hand during Prayers of the People one Sunday and give thanks for it. In the midst of changing times, it’s important to remind ourselves of all the wonderful things that God is doing around and among us. Thanks for your part in all our ministries!

God is Good!