by Rev. Brendan Curran, Assoc. Minister         –          February 15, 2018

The Barrington Congregational Church (UCC) wants you to know about our new community meditation room!  Thanks to the donations and support of both congregation members and friends in the community, BCCUCC now has a room in our education building dedicated to being a calm, quiet space for meditation and reflection.  The room offers a calming aesthetic, comfortable meditation cushions and mats, bells, relaxation sound tracks, and a tea shelf.  We offer the space as a hospitable service to congregation members and also the extended community with the intention of welcoming and encouraging people to come enjoy a view of the river and find a moment of stillness and peace.  The room will be open during the church’s regular office hours if you want to come by and use the space.  We just ask that you contact the church first to make sure the room is available at that time.

Guided meditation will also be offered at two set times during the week by Rev. Brendan Curran our Associate Pastor.  Brendan is also a trained meditation teacher and has given meditation instruction in different contexts for 15 years.  The guided sessions will be on Mondays from 7-8pm and Wednesdays from 12:30-1:00pm.  “Mindful Mondays,” will consist of 25 minutes of a guided mindfulness or relaxation meditation, a poem or thought for the day, followed by tea and discussion.  The Wednesday lunch-break session will consist of a brief guided mindfulness or relaxation meditation.

Some things are universal!  Whether we are “spiritual but not religious,” or religious and spiritual! Whether we are secular in our beliefs or Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, Pagan, Zoroastrian, Jewish, or Joe the plumber, we can all benefit from having a calm place to pause, be still by ourselves or with others, and cultivate stillness and peace in our lives.  With this in mind, the meditations that will be offered and the conversations on Mondays and Wednesdays will be catered to a universal crowd, and appropriate for all faiths and perspectives.

Mindfulness and relaxation meditation is a simple practice that helps alleviate stress, release anxieties, and cultivate a deeper awareness and appreciation of life… something we can all benefit from and relate to!   We invite you to join us as in the community meditation room as we practice being still and cultivate peace.  Mindful Mondays and Wednesdays begin Monday, Feb. 19th!  All are welcome!