by Rev. Brendan Curran, Assoc. Minister         –          June 18, 2018

Dear Church,

I want to thank you all for how much you supported the mission/service trip this year.  In just one week a group of 11 of us from the church will be off to the Navajo Nation where we will be assisting in land restoration efforts with the Black Mesa Water Coalition.  We will join in cooperative efforts to plant vegetables, fruit trees; dig irrigation ditches, and built fences to help support healthy and sustainable food systems and security for the people.  In the process I know we are all going to learn a lot about sustainable agricultural practices, what it means to work together, as well as Navajo culture and values.

We will be arriving on Sunday June 24th.  Monday to Friday will be work days for us.  We will be camping on the land that we’re going to be working on.  The last two days of the trip will be a journey to the Grand Canyon! Please keep us all in your prayers as we embark on this big adventure together.

Your support of our fundraisers for the trip has not only made the trip itself possible but has also supported educational programming throughout the year that has prepared us for our journey.  Our trip appropriately has Jesus’ “parable of the sower,” as its theme lesson for our mission together.  The parable encourages us to make our hearts “good soil,” for the word of God and to allow sacred wisdom to grow in us.  As we go out into the wilderness, we know we will find God there in all the people we meet and the work that we do.  God has a habit of showing up in the wilderness.  We hope that as we act as literally seed sowers, some of God’s love and justice will also take root in our world.  Thank you for your prayers and support.  We will take lots of pictures and look forward to sharing our trip with you in worship on Sunday July 8th.  God bless you all until then.

In Christ’s Love,