These three faces are familiar to many in our church family with good reason. All have been members of BCCUCC for over 30 years, have served on many different ministry teams, and have been Barrington residents for most or all of their lives. Liz and her husband John brought their two sons John III and Ben up through BCC, while Phyllis and Jay raised their daughter Sarah and son Matthew in our church as well. Their kids were baptized and confirmed in our church, attended Sunday school, sang in the church choir, participated in Christmas pageants, went on mission trips, and were Sunday school aids and guest preachers. Liz is an active community servant, Jay works at Meridian Printing, and Phyllis is a special education teacher at St. Andrew’s School.

The Loaves & Fishes, RI (LFRI) mission caught their attention 10 years ago when Liz, Phyllis, and Jay took on BCC’s support of this effort as it developed through the Barrington United Methodist Church. They had helped the United Methodist Church with this mission for many years, but 5 years ago, the United Methodist Church reached out for BCCUCC’s help as they needed our support to continue this work.

LFRI consists of a mobile truck that carries food, clothing, and personal hygiene items to our homeless and food-insecure neighbors in Providence. BCCUCC shares the runs and truck with other churches, with BCCUCC going out 6 times each year, every other month. Liz White and the Buckleys have developed relationships with purveyors to acquire donations of food, clothing, and hygiene items. Monetary donations from our church fill in the voids. The truck is picked up from United Methodist Church the day of the run and is stocked at and by BCCUCC members with water for hot/cold drinks, prepared foods, fruit, snacks, juice, clothing, and toiletries. In addition to the truck, the success of this mission is the support our church provides in the form of many volunteers who caringly make sandwiches, bake cookies, donate food items and clothing, shop for specific items, sing to all while they are preparing for a run, and joyfully serve and interact with the folks we meet at various sites in Providence. Typically, 60-100 people are served during each run. At the end of a run, the truck is emptied, cleaned, filled with gas, and returned to the Methodist church.

Liz, Phyllis, and Jay are grateful to our church for believing in this cause, and we are grateful to them for making this happen. BCCUCC’s support, in its many forms, helps to make this a sustainable ministry.