In the beginning…Native Americans lived in what is now Barrington. European settlers moved in to the area by way of Plymouth, MA not long after the arrival of the Mayflower. When our Confirmation Class does its history tour they visit various places around town: the site of the 1st church in 1667 (which was Baptist) up near 4 Town Farm, the Prince’s Hill Cemetery where some of our early ministers are buried, the old graveyard down at Tyler Point where a church was built before it was taken across the river in 1717.

And we visit our own building, now on this site over 200 years with some of the same foundation blocks to prove it. From Native American land to Barrington town much has changed but our church has weathered it. The building has changed, the people inside have changed, but the commitment to providing God’s word and encouragement remains the same.

We now have an office and education building that was added in the 1950’s and we joined a national denomination called the United Church of Christ but we still worry about flooding storms causing the river to rise.

We have an excellent collection of church records and photos recording all these years if anyone is interested.