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Welcome to “From the River’s Edge,” the official blog for the ministers on staff here at BCCUCC. Reverends Dale and Brendan will periodically share their thoughts on our church, faith, community, and larger world issues. At this point, we don’t have a “Comments” section up and running, but we may start that up at some point. In the meantime, they are both willing to talk and share in person with you about any of the points they raise. Feel free to email either of them at or Although you not agree with everything they share, we hope you will find these messages thought provoking and faith enriching.


Doors off the Hinges

by Rev. Brendan Curran, Assoc. Minister          –          March 21, 2017

The following is an Op. Ed. that Brendan has written which should be published in this week’s Barrington Times, and is a part of our new campaign to get the word out about BCCUCC and our programs.

Dear friends,

Greetings from the Barrington Congregational IMG_0256Church!  Maybe you’ve glimpsed our rainbow diversity banner while stuck in traffic on County Road!  In more recent weeks, perhaps you’ve also noticed the rainbow doors we’ve had on display with the written message, “God’s […]

Being Faithful in Anxious Times

by Rev. Dale Azevedo, Sr. Minister          –          March 1, 2017

These are anxious times. And, it is not just about politics. StressedHealth, finances, relationships, there is no shortage of things to be anxious about. The question is, “What does it mean to be faithful during anxious times?” And a related question is, “If I am anxious, does that mean I am not being faithful?”

Actually, anxiety is a part of life. I have met a few people throughout my ministry that have seemed very non-anxious. I’ve been amazed […]

Brendan at the Statehouse

by Rev. Brendan Curran, Assoc. Minister          –          February 16, 2017

The following statement was presented by Brendan to the Health, Education and Welfare Committee at the Rhode Island Statehouse on February 15, 2017. Brendan had been invited to testify before the committee in support of House Bill 5277.

Dear friends and relatives,statehouse-large

I greet you as friends and relatives because I agree with Dr. King who said, “we are all woven into a single garment of destiny,” and also because we gather today, in this common house, hopefully to uphold the rights, the safety, and dignity […]

The Reese’s Dilemma

by Rev. Dale Azevedo, Sr. Minister          –          February 1, 2017

Reece'sDo you recall the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup commercials from years ago?

“Hey, you got chocolate in my peanut butter!”

“And you got peanut butter on my chocolate!”

For many churchgoers, that is the reaction to mixing religion and politics. The idea of allowing church and politics to intermingle is distasteful and abhorrent. It can lead to division and hostility within the Body. So, in response, many of us compartmentalize our faith being sure to keep it sanitized from anything […]