February 2017 marked a change in our newsletter with the launch of the eBridge.   It is emailed out on a weekly basis (usually on a Thursday) to those on our email list, and replaced the monthly Bridge.  During the summer months it is sent out every other week.

Just like the old Bridge it contains information about the many and varied things happening at BCCUCC, but because the eBridge goes out weekly, the information should be more timely.   We invite you to read it (link below) and learn how you can get involved here at our church.  We welcome your participation.

If you would like to receive the eBridge in your email inbox, we’ll be happy to send it to you.  Just send us your email address and include your name, to office@bccucc.org

Click on the link below for the most recent eBridge

eBridge 8-10-17

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